People Centered Technology Research Group is working on designing systems which are more useful for humans. The group believes that more availability of technology is not sufficient for users who lacks in literacy. Read all


PCT has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of Information Technology, The PCT Journal publishes full-length research papers and reviews in all areas of the Computer Sciences.Read all


PCT Research Group actively Promotes Research that results in the development of products that IT governance, control, assurance, risk and security professionals can use to add value to their enterprises.Read all


Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Ch is supervising the PCT research group. He earned his dual degree PhD in HCI from Politecnico di Torino, Italy and University of Potsdam, Germany in April 2014.

Nadeem is working in areas of human machine interfaces for low literacy users. He is investigating the perceptual, cognitive and literacy factors involved in accessing information and communication technologies. His research work is on different perspectives of human-computer interaction, social computing, user scenarios, UX specs, task flows, storyboards, prototypes, localization, accessibility and visual design.

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