Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Ch.


I am Dr. Nadeem Ch, Pro Vice Chancellor at the University of Sialkot. I have completed my Dual PhD in Human Computer Interaction from University of Potsdam, Germany & Politecnico di Torino, Italy in 2014. I have 17 years of teaching, research, administrative and management experience. I worked in many national and international organizations. Nowadays I am working as Pro- Vice where I am involved in corporate planning across the university and my responsibility includes setting academic and corporate goals for various departments. I am promoting the university repute by networking with academic and business organizations across the world. I am involved in project management, policy-making, uplifting research, incubation and commercialization to improve University ranking. In the capacity of Chairman, I served two years in the department of Computer Science at Superior University, Pakistan. The Computer Science department is the most prestigious department in which six degree programs are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. More than three thousand students were enrolled in the department while I was leading the team of more than one hundred faculty members.

Before joining The Superior University, I worked as Head of Computer Science and IT Department in The University of Lahore for three years where I established many new Labs especially a state of the art research Lab for PhD scholars. I am running a People Centred Technology research group where almost six PhD and MS theses were completed under my supervision. I have published 22 papers in reputed journals and international conferences. In the past I worked as deputy manager MIS in Technical Education and Vocational Training authority, Government of the Punjab, where I was providing consultancy to more than 400 vocational training institutions for development of different software according to their requirements. I also taught undergraduate courses in Punjab University College of IT for almost five years. I already worked one year in Oslo, Norway and spent almost five years in Italy and Germany. My research work mainly focuses on data analytics, people centered interfaces, usability barriers, localization, accessibility and visual design.